Our History


The most innovative and advanced mobility-assistance device available today came to exist in a unique and surprising way. The GLAD Belt was born in 2007, when California-based inventor Mario M. Horvath designed a unique belt with special handles and support system for use in activities like motorcycling, in order to give passengers more stability and safety. After two years of refinement, Horvath approached Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Jack Khorsandi, who had experienced great success in real estate and as one of the first distributors of Apple Computers in Southern California, who immediately understood the promise of what Horvath had created.

Horvath and Khorsandi started a company, Left Coast Sports Innovation & Mobility Systems LLC, to further develop and patent its unique features of this distinct and important innovation. However, its true potential wasn’t realized until a humble moment from everyday life provided Khorsandi with the “Eureka!” moment that opened up the possibilities of how the GLAD Belt could truly help people and transform its users’ lives. One day, Khorsandi noticed an elderly neighbor struggling with his in-home caregiver to get from his car into his house. Khorsandi realized that the belt he’d been working with Horvath could also be used for all those that needed mobility assistance. Khorsandi quickly rushed over to his neighbor, who became the first GLAD Belt user for medical purposes. His success with this early version of the GLAD Belt proved the inspiration Khorsandi needed.

Seeing how the GLAD Belt so significantly his neighbor’s care and quality of life, Khorsandi devoted himself to turning his labor of love into the best, most advanced mobility-assistance option available. Buying out Horvath, Khorsandi devoted himself to bringing the GLAD Belt to the world, creating a Los Angeles-based factory to manufacture them according to stringent guidelines laid down by the GLAD Belt’s patented Advanced Belt Technology Systems (ABTS™) technology and testing protocol. There, over 80 different techniques and procedures are utilized by our trained and certified staff in assembling and evaluating every single GLAD Belt.

Since it began, the core mission of Khorsandi and Left Coast has always been to continuously design, develop and manufacture products that will help enrich lives, create comfort and promote safety. Since then, the GLAD Belt has found itself used across a variety of fields worldwide - from pediatrics to geriatrics, emergency rescue to the military - and environments ranging from fire departments and physical rehabilitation clinics to homes and hospitals. Users who have found their lives changed by the GLAD Belt began sending in testimonials about how this groundbreaking device changed their lives. And the GLAD Belt’s profile, prestige, and industry acceptance continues to grow.

In 2015, GLAD Belt was an “official Champion Sponsor” of that year’s Special Olympics, with athletes and attendees alike putting the GLAD Belt through its paces. But this is still only the beginning, as Khorsandi and Left Coast Sports continue to take the GLAD Belt across the globe – bringing the most significant innovation in mobility assistance within the grasp of everyone who needs it who needs it.