National Ability Center

In our equestrian programs here at the National Ability Center, the use of Glad Belts has increased the confidence, ease and comfort of our participants, volunteers and instructors. We are finding that the glad belt is a useful tool both during the mounted portion of the lesson/treatment session and the unmounted activities before and after. One of our core values is Innovation, so we are excited to expand the use of Glad Belts to improve our programming across the scope of our community.

Before you purchase your own GLAD Belt, read what our own satisfied customers had to say about using this innovative, life-changing product in real world home, medical, and caregiver environments.

Free to be independent!

Alexis is a wonderful and fun-loving little girl. Without use of Gladbelt and the assistance of caregivers, Alexis would be confined to a stroller for mobility. With This belt, Alexis is free to be more independent and choose where she walks to. The belt is used to assist Alexis with her stability when walking. The belt is also used to assist with the transfer of Alexis. I feel like the loops on the belt are very sturdy and the belt as a whole is the nicest I have ever used. Thanks so much!
Heather M.

Overall....LOVE IT!

The gaitbelt is really very nice and much higher quality than other more inexpensive alternatives. It provides support and stability when walking for our student. The grips are easy to hold and are great. Overall....LOVE IT!
– Heather M.

Thank you for this wonderful belt.

It has saved our lives! I’m sure it will help many others as it has helped my father, who has been bound in a wheelchair for about a year now. He can barely walk with assistance – and because he is tall and heavy, we need at least two strong people to help carry him. But he GLAD Belt helped immensely when either caretakers or my mom tried to help him get up from his bed, go to the bathroom, and walk around the house. Last week we took a family trip to Mexico, and even used the GLAD Belt in the pool to help my dad balance himself in the water. Thank you again.
– Ellie K.

He doesn't want me to take it off

My son is a little boy with a brain injury: he’s six years old, but closer to a two-year-old developmentally. When he doesn’t want to do something or gets upset, he drops to the floor: it is increasingly hard to get him back into a standing position as he struggles to stay down when he just doesn't want to walk. He’ll break away from us and his caretakers and take off running, which is dangerous as he is partially blind and can really get hurt. Now he is getting used to the GLAD Belt at home and I am able to put it on him without wrestling with him now. At first, he just kept pulling to get it off; now, he doesn’t want me to take it off! As a result, it is so much easier to help him to his feet; I am so relieved to not have to be always pulling at his arms and shoulders and grabbing his clothes to get him to stay up.
– Janet, Wisconsin

I would recommend the GLAD Belt to anyone

My 97-year-old mother has no balance left. Holding her up was a a real challenge, so we got one of your belts, and now she is much easier – and less tiring – to handle. I would recommend the GLAD Belt to anyone who is in a situation like mine.
– Dorothy M., Pelion, South Carolina

GLAD Belt is by far the best and most unique product on the market

After reviewing it, I believe that the GLAD Belt is by far the best and most unique product on the market in terms of lumbar support. In my professional opinion, it provides critical support to the back and abdomen by reducing discomfort and pressure on muscles and joints – all while keeping the spinal column aligned for better and healthier posture.
– Dr. Kristeen Lester, Chiropractic Orthopedist, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.

Amazon Reviews - See what consumers on Amazon had to say when they reviewed their GLAD Belt purchases:

Excellent gait belt

By Barry McManus on May 28, 2013 - Verified Purchase
This was a very useful tool to help move my Mom after her stroke. The gait belt is well built with easy to grip handles and a wide snap clip, easy to clean and more comfortable than the narrow belt models that would tend to roll and bunch up causing discomfort.

This really helps me assist my family member without hurting

By Michelle L on March 1, 2015 - Verified Purchase
This really helps me assist my family member without hurting my back so much! Not only does it help me assist my family member by pulling him up from the toilet, but it also helps me pull him up from the chair and the bed! I am really grateful that Grip-N-Assist invented this mobility assistance device because it comes in so handy, whether we're at home, or on-the-go!!

Secure, sturdy and well made

By Mark Remarks on June 9, 2015 - Verified Purchase
Excellent gait/ mobility belt. Secure & Sturdy - Better than belts with nylon hand loops. Pricey, but worth it. Use it everyday to help transport my mother -. but instead, I wear the belt and she securely holds on to one of the handles as she is strong enough in her shoulders and knees to have me pull her up from a couch or chair as she grabs onto the handles. She currently has a fractured upper arm (humerus) and I walk very slowly at her pace. while she follows directly behind me with her arm holding one of the sturdy hard-rubber handles. If she was unable to walk normally, I would put the belt on her and use it solely to lift her out of vehicles and chairs. During first week of the fracture, I had belt on her and lifted her from chairs The extra wide velcro belt under the clasp belt adds extra firmness to the belts fit around your waist.

The best thing for stroke patients

By Bruce Uy on February 11, 2015 - Verified Purchase
The best thing for stroke patients!!!

This works very well to help my stepson who has walking issues

By S. Moraz on July 29, 2014 - Verified Purchase
This works very well to help my stepson who has walking issues. It makes it safe for him to walk as there is no chance the belt will slip. We have a sling that we use to get him out of bed and chairs but to walk him using the sling can be difficult. However with this assistance belt it gives one a better capability for helping someone who needs assistance walking.