GLAD Belt Mobility | 3 Handles - Fits 14" - 28" Waist

$ 149.00

Brand: Glad Belt

Product Description

The GLAD Belt Mobility is designed specifically for young children and their assistance needs. Two vertical handles allows for an easily accessible grasp surface; side handles and low profile horizontal back grip securely enhances the wearer’s safety and functional mobility while reducing physical strain on caregivers. A non-slip interior lining coupled with our signature Velcro closure and buckle system provides security, feedback, and greater assistance - all focused on maintaining proper alignment for our littlest loved ones requiring care.

Size 14"– 28"
Weight 13 OZ
Handles THREE (3)
Harness NO
Secure with Adjustable Buckle and Velcro Closure YES
Disinfect YES
Anti-Slip Technology YES
Warranty Against Defect YES

- Mobility belts are designed for dynamic mobility and optimal comfort for young or small riders
- Construction is durable and dependable
- Construction also includes sturdy handles and non-slip lining