United Cerebral Palsy



To whom it may concern:

The GLAD belt product is an effective tool that we are able to use during our treatment and assessment of children with a wide variety of neuromotor disorders. Many of the children that we work with need manual assistance to initiate walking. As walking and standing skills progress, our goal is to decrease the manual assistance required. The GLAD belt allows us to release our support to allow the children to gain their own dynamic stability which furthers their independence in standing. The ergonomic handles allow the therapists to safely walk with their patients through a variety of environmental terrains including stairs and hills with guarded support. It also allows us to work on functional skills such as moving floor to stand or squatting to retrieve an object off the floor. The non-slip interior surface is a unique feature of the GLAD belt which allows for increased control when working with our patients. Additionally, the GLAD belt is a family friendly tool to use at home to increase safety and improve standing skills as it is easily put on and easily used by the parents. We are looking forward to using the GLAD belt with many of our patients with the goal of increasing their independent mobility.


Moira Miller PT, MPT, PCS, C/NDT

Manager of Therapy Services

Lead Physical Therapist