United Cerebral Palsy


April 6, 2017

Mr. Jack Khorsandi

Glad Belt

403 E Washington Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Dear Jack.

Thank you for your recent donation of a GLAD Belt Mini to UCP of Orange County (UCP-OC).

Your gift to UCP-OC will help sustain and grow critical programs that ensure a child with special needs is able to live and b' w toward a life without limits. Every child has the potential to grow beyond expectation, and UCP- OC’s family-centered approach ensures that children with special needs receive the right therapy, care and confidence to succeed both in and out of the home.

Your contribution helps children like Jacoby, a chance to learn to walk, communicate and gain independence. In-home early intervention helped Jacoby gain receptive language skills. Feeding therapy has allowed him to enjoy mealtime and reduce his reliance on his G-tube. Through physical therapy, he is working on taking his first steps!

Thank you again for yotir support—we thrive because of generous people like you! Please contact me at (949) 33-6400 for additional questions. volunteer opportunities, or to schedule a tour of our In ine site.

Sincerel y,

Deborah Levy

President & CEO