Back Support

$ 89.00

Product Description

Studies show that riding can take a toll on your back. Long distances, bumpy highways and just the position of riding can cause some lower back pain. With our Grip-N-Ride Back Support Belt you can easily eliminate those pains and get the lower lumber support you need. Unlike your ordinary back support belts that ride up while you are sitting, riding or working, our state of the art Back Support BELTS are designed, licensed and manufactured by ABTS Technology Systems, the most advanced techniques in assembling and manufacturing Back Support Belts. Every Back Support Belt, is made of flexible vinyl that is easy to clean, anti-slip internal webbing, elastic velcro that keeps the belt tight to your body and a buckle for extra safety. Ride in comfort with Grip-N-Ride.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and durable with breathable material for comfort
  • Available in exciting color schemes with night reflector trim
  • Secures to the wearer by Velcro and a buckle strap
  • Made of waterproof materials
  • Safe and secure feeling
  • Pocket for an iPod™ or mobile phone