GLAD Belt Rescue II | 5 Handles - Fits 30" - 54" Waist

$ 595.00

Brand: Glad Belt

Product Description

Firefighters, first responders and our brave men and women on the battlefield alike all need to plan for emergency evacuations, anticipated and otherwise - often in unpredictable and perilous environments. These include areas of chemical and biological concern; radiological, nuclear, and explosion sites; transportation accidents; fire; power outages; and acts of nature including flooding, earthquakes mud slides, hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms. In particular, the GLAD Belt Rescue II addresses the critical needs of injured, disabled, elderly or simply individuals requiring special needs in mobility assistance during emergencies, natural disasters - aiding in the wearer’s immediate relocation to safe shelter sites. Ambulation and transfer becomes easier with the accompanying strap attachment and durable black fabric attached at the bottom of the belt.

Size 30"– 54"
Weight 32 OZ
Handles FIVE (5)
Lift Capacity LIMITED
Harness NO
Max Pressure when using two handles 500 LBS
Secure with Adjustable Buckle and Velcro Closure YES
Design for back support YES
CE Approved YES
Fire Retardant YES
Warranty Against Defect YES

- Emergency evacuation due to accident, fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, chemical, biological, etc.

- Medical response services
- Fire department
- Emergency services
- Ambulances
- Military evacuation
- School bus
- Nursing homes
- Hospice

- Increased width provides increased comfort compared to standard gait belts
- Sturdy grips provide versatility
- Can be worn backwards and forwards