GLAD Belt Equestrian | 5 Handles - Fits 30" - 48" Waist

$ 395.00

Brand: Glad Belt

Product Description

The Equestrian belt is designed for the horse riding needs of young adults and older wearers alike who share a larger Body Mass Index (BMI). Angled side handles impart a safe, secure grip for mobility and transfer, as well as equine-assisted activity and competition. Padded upper and lower body Velcro straps can be configured in various combinations to engage abdominals, back muscles or both while finding the best personalized adjustment for the wearer – all while reducing physical strain for providers and caregivers. Despite its origins in equestrian sport and related application, the versatility of this assistive belt has proven effective across a diverse population spanning a wide array of treatments and uses.

Size 28"– 50"
Weight 26 OZ
Handles FIVE (5)
Harness YES
Secure with Adjustable Buckle and Velcro Closure YES
Disinfect YES
Anti-Slip Technology YES
Warranty Against Defect YES

- Equestrian belts include leg support harness and shoulder straps to support correct alignment
- Use of the upper body and lower body allow for total body transfers
- Larger belt for adults helps to engage core control
- Formfitting design provides biofeedback and input from side walkers when needed
- Construction also includes sturdy handles and non-slip lining

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