GLAD Belt Professional | 5 Handles - Fits 30" - 44" Waist

$ 195.00

Brand: Glad Belt

Product Description

The GLAD Belt Professional has proven the ultimate mobility belt for use in geriatrics-based mobility assistance. It’s the ideal choice for physical transfers – making movements from chair to bed, bed to toilet, and home to transportation vehicles with far greater ease. That’s largely due to our unique ergonomic design. Our Professional model offers four (4) vertical handles, in addition to GLAD Belt’s trademark center horizontal grip – greatly aiding in walking and ambulation, greatly increasing the elderly wearer’s safety while performing these essential activities. The tough-wearing technical material was also designed to be effortlessly cleaned and disinfected;the inner Velcro closure and adjustable buckle, meanwhile, can be easily dialed in to support almost any size and condition. All these features combine to provide the utmost assistance, comfort, and stability for the wearer.

Size 30"– 44"
Weight 24 OZ
Handles FIVE (5)
Lift Capacity LIMITED
Harness NO
Max Pressure when using two handles 500 LBS
Secure with Adjustable Buckle and Velcro Closure YES
Design for back support YES
CE Approved YES
Fire Retardant YES
Warranty Against Defect YES

- Physical therapy
- Recovering injuries
- Post surgery
- General mobility issues
- Getting in/out of cars, beds, wheelchairs
- Toilet transfers
- Walking up and down stairs
- Support during movement/exercise

- Nursing homes
- Geriatric care sectors
- In home care transfers
- Hospitals

- Increased width provides increased comfort compared to standard gait belts
- Sturdy grips provide versatility
- Can be worn backwards or forward