GLAD Belt Mini | 3 Handles - Fits 14" - 28" Waist

$ 145.00

Brand: Glad Belt

Product Description

The GLAD Belt Mini increases lift capabilities via a simple but innovative sequence of two side grips and one mid-section grip attachment. The Mini model in particular was conceived to allow greater options for pediatrics use, as well as the wide variety of wearers with smaller Body Mass Index (BMI). Patient transfers are made safer and easier via the ability to dial in an ideal fit thanks to the Mini’s highly adjustable inner Velcro closure. The Mini ideally addresses the needs of numerous treatment and lifestyle environments for the low BMI wearer – made of a technical material that as durable as it is easy to clean and disinfect for continued use.

Size 14"– 28"
Weight 16 OZ
Handles THREE (3)
Lift Capacity LIMITED
Harness NO
Max Pressure when using two handles 300 LBS
Secure with Adjustable Buckle and Velcro Closure YES
Design for back support YES
CE Approved YES
Fire Retardant YES
Warranty Against Defect YES

- Physical therapy
- Recovering injuries
- Post surgery
- General mobility issues
- Getting in/out of cars, beds, wheelchairs
- Toilet transfers
- Walking up and down stairs
- Support during movement/exercise
- Rehabilitation

- Pediatric hospitals
- Children centers
- Petite elders
- Nursing homes
- In home care transfers
- Assisted living
- Hospice

- Increased width provides increased comfort compared to standard gait belts
- Sturdy grips provide versatility
- Can be worn backwards or forwards