H2O Belt

$ 89.00

Product Description

Ride the waves together with Grip-N-Ride H2O.

Together, water sports and jet skiing have never been more fun. Now rider and passenger can ride the waves together in safety and comfort while sitting naturally on any tandem personal watercraft. Exclusively on the Grip-n-Ride H2O®, the only product with two (2) comfort grips for your passengers. The stylish belt, crafted from marine foams, PVC and Poly–Plastics materials for durability, fits perfectly over or directly below your personal floatation device (PFD).

Key Features:

  • Ease for passengers of all ages and sizes to comfortably hold on
  • Can be worn with handles to the front of the driver providing an added secure feeling at high speeds
  • Secured to the wearer by Velcro and two buckles
  • Allows the passenger to sit naturally
  • Safe and secure feeling for the passenger
  • Allows freedom for the driver
  • Lightweight and durable with breathable material for comfort.
  • PFD Foams, and Poly-Plastics for durability

Please note this is the only product in our entire inventory that is not made in the U.S.A. We do outsource the production of this product to China.