Solid Series

$ 99.00

Product Description

The Grip-n-Ride® belt with patented comfort grips and grip support bones is lightweight and durable that allows the rider to maneuver easily, while the passengers, young and old hold on comfortably and safely. Doubling as a Kidney belt, the Grip-n-Ride® provides lower back support to the driver.

Key Features:

Lightweight and durable with breathable material for comfort
Available in exciting color schemes with night reflector trim
Secures to the wearer by Velcro and a buckle strap
Made of waterproof materials
Safe and secure feeling for the passenger
Pocket for an iPod™ or mobile phone
Allows freedom for the driver
Allows the driver to wear a backpack and comfortably carry a passenger
Designed to be worn as a kidney belt with or without a passenger
Can be worn with handles to the front of the driver providing an added secure feeling at high speeds.
Easy for riders of all ages and sizes to comfortably hold on.
No more clinging for dear life to the driver
Allows the passenger to sit naturally upright.
Made of Nylon and Poly-Plastics for durability.