TransferX 4 Soft Handles - Fits 30" - 54" Waist

$ 149.00

Brand: GLAD Belt

Product Description

The GLAD Belt TransferX is our latest product that uses the same patented belt technology system. It is lighter in weight, 100% washable, equipped with non-slip technology and has four (4) soft handles offering complete comfort when sitting or sleeping. Belt is securely fastened around the waist with Velcro and buckle closure which can be adjusted instantly to the girth of the wearer. It is best suited for wearers in need of mobility assistance, back support and may be worn with handles in front or back. The go-to product that provides utmost assistance, comfort and stability for the patient.

It is Comfortable, Safe & Secure.

Made in USA

Size 30"– 54"
Weight 14OZ
Handles FOUR (4)
Lift Capacity LIMITED
Secure with Adjustable Buckle and Velcro Closure YES
Design for back support YES
CE Approved YES
Warranty Against Defect YES
100% Washable YES

- Reduces falls by mishandling the patient
- Reduces Workman's Compensation claims
- Less pressure on patient and caregiver
- Easy to use-multiple handles for lifting
- Can also be used as a Back Support Device
- 100% Washable & Latex Free
- One Year "No Questions Asked" Warranty
- Can be worn with the handles in back or in front

- Great tool for transferring to/from: wheelchairs, cars, toilet or shower
- Great as Emergency Evacuation Tool for Emergency Personnel
- Multiple handles makes it a great tool for assisting patient
- Easily Customizable in different colors and your company logo
- The Only Gait Belt on the market that is Safe, Comfortable & Secure!

- Physical therapy
- Recovering injuries
- Post surgery
- General mobility issues
- Getting in/out of cars, beds, wheelchairs
- Toilet transfers
- Walking up and down stairs
- Support during movement/exercise

- In home care transfers
- Nursing homes
- Geriatric care sectors
- Hospitals